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Products for the optical industry
Silicone / 2K - products

Endless possibilities


The usage of liquid silicone (LSR) offers an abundance of advantages – above all the representability of complex component geometries and metering of very small shot weights.


To exploit the full benefits, profound knowledge of processing is essential besides precise tools. 30 years ago we specialized in the processing of silicone and have constantly been developing technical capabilities since then.

Meanwhile, we are among the leading specialists in Europe.

Our Silicone-machinery:
35 modern injection moulding machines for automatic and semi-automatic production (for shots of 0,50 – 100 g) Lot sizes: from 2.000 up to several million pieces.

Two-component parts

The co-injection moulding of silicone to thermoplastic materials or to metal components is probably one of the most challenging, but also a very exciting task in the field of injection moulding.


We have been dedicated to this subject for over 20 years, and we have often successfully moved the limits of technical feasibility.

Specialty: all thermoplastic components are produced by us. This ensures that both components are perfectly matched.


Our thermoplast production includes a wide range of technical components up to transparent parts with high-quality surface finish (for example temples for frames).


You may expect modern machinery, central material supply, hot runner moulds, automated removal processes combined with an experienced team of injection moulding specialists.

Material experience: PA6, PA6.6, PBT, PVC, PMMA, POM, PP, PPSU, TPE; as well as high performance materials such as PEEK and PEI.

Our thermoplast machinery:
33 modern injection moulding machines for automatic and semi-automatic prodution (for shots of 0,50 - 25 g).

Clean Room

On request production and packaging can be done in our clean room. (class 8).


Machines with different shot weights and tempering furnaces are available in the areas set up for this.