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In 1957, the toolmaker Oswald Frey and the trader Emil Winkler decided to strike out on their own, due to frequent customer complaints at their former employer. Their profession was the spectacles industry – their ambition: to do it better.

With total conviction, but much less capital, they established their own company in the same year, bearing the name Frey & Winkler until today. The next 10 years they got fabulous reputation within Germany and Europe as a supplier of high quality stamping and punching parts. By the end of the 1960s Oswald Frey left the company.

In the following years high investments were done and the production of injection molding parts started. All these things contributed to the growth of the company.

Already that time, the company specialised in the production of nose pads for the worldwide spectacles industry. Whereas those parts originally consisted of cellulose acetate and soft PVC, F&W started, after a relatively short development phase, in 1982 the industrial production of such parts made of silicone rubber.  For this purpose a well-known German material supplier even developed a special silicone type, which was characterized by the highest possible transparency. Until today those components are part of the portfolio of high quality products and meanwhile more than 1 Billion spectacles have been equipped with that new pad.

Driven by the expectation that the transfer of the labour–intensive spectacle industry to low-wage countries would lead to a decrease of market shares, F&W early and intensively turned to capture other branches. Nowadays F&W supplies parts to the medical technology as well as to a range of other industries. These are injection molding parts, made of different kinds of materials, concentrating on silicone.

The current focus is the expansion of the production of 2K–parts by using silicone rubber.

May a lot of values have changed during the company’s history, the quality of our products will ever be the main topic of all our activities.

Customers and potentially new business partners can be certain about that - promised!