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Specialist knowledge in injection moulding precision components from liquid silicone (LSR), various thermoplastics and combinations (2K), as well as the production of corresponding tools.

As a driving force for innovation, we form an equal partnership with our clients to develop and produce premium liquid silicone, thermoplastic and multi-component assemblies. We relish challenges, we are focused on our goals and we are committed to overcoming every technical challenge that comes our way. It is our sense of ambition and passion that sets us on new technical paths to actively develop and fine-tune our clients' products. We play an integral role in product safety and comfort for the end user. It is a source of great pride to us that our components add value to the end user experience.

Why choose Frey & Winkler as a partner for your business?

Innovative business partner and problem solver offering expert advice

We are on the same wavelength as our clients and take a proactive role in our partnerships. Our team takes customer requirements or even fledgling ideas and dreams, and makes them a series production reality. All the while, we have an eye firmly focused on the functional reliability of the whole product, enabling us to guarantee maximum product quality and cost efficiency.

All-inclusive service from a single source

Our client contract covers everything from initial development and tool construction to production-ready prototypes and on to series production – if required by the client, this can even include custom packaging and labelling of individual products, ready for sale, enabling the client to deliver straight away. Frey & Winkler offers a truly full service that not only helps simplify processes but also saves our clients time and money.

Professional advice, speed and well-established processes

Frey & Winkler operate on a "one face to the customer" principle, meaning clients receive professional, proactive and reliable advice from highly knowledgeable employees with extensive technical expertise. This dependable, proactive, tailored and genuine advice means that our customers can expect the highest degree of flexibility, commitment and efficiency throughout the entire process, from initial development right through to series production.

Flexible, cutting-edge production

Frey & Winkler's production process is characterised by a level of automation that is tailored to the client's needs, combined with an extensive portfolio of wide-ranging production machines. This allows Frey & Winkler to maintain a high degree of flexibility, ready to handle wide-ranging customer requirements. As such, the company is able to produce tailored results for its clients, whether they need small batches or large purchase volumes.

Maximum vertical integration and a high degree of automation.

Frey & Winkler's production process is characterised by a high level of automation, combined with an extensive portfolio of wide-ranging production machines.

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Success stories spanning a range of sectors.

Find out more about the services offered by Frey & Winkler. Some of our more challenging client projects provide insight into our innovative prowess and our expertise.

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The Frey & Winkler service package.

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Quality at Frey & Winkler.

We are certified to DIN ISO 13485 and DIN ISO 9001 standards. The Frey & Winkler factory has a long-standing tradition of quality.

Our quality promise

Customised industry solutions.

Frey & Winkler is a development partner for a wide range of sectors and specialises in providing custom solutions. We are familiar with industry-specific requirements and offer our clients innovative thinking and engineering expertise.

Our industry solutions

Frey & Winkler milestones



Broadening industry expertise.

Driven by the expectation that the shifting of the labour-intensive spectacles industry to low-wage countries would lead to a reduction in market share, Frey & Winkler were quick to turn their attention to entering other sectors. Today, Frey & Winkler serves not only the medical engineering and optical industries, but also a number of other branches of industry, supplying them with injection-moulded parts made from diverse materials, primarily 1K and 2K parts in silicone, as well as combinations with other plastics and metals.



The dawn of injection moulding production.

Within the space of only ten years, Frey & Winkler made a name for itself in Germany and Europe as a supplier of high-quality stamped and punched parts. At the end of the 1960s, Oswald Frey stepped back from the company. In the period that followed, major investments were made and production began on injection-moulded components, which was a major boon to the company's growth.


Working at Frey & Winkler.

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