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Ultimate driving force behind innovation in many sector - Benefit from this industry experience.

As leading innovators in the field of injection moulded precision parts, Frey & Winkler boasts a unique capacity for finding solutions. We act as a development partner for a wide range of sectors and specialise in providing customer-specific solutions. We are innovative problem-solvers and committed partners focussed on getting results that really benefit the client and users.

  • silicone plug

    silicone plug

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  • reagent plug

    reagent plug

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  • nasal dilator

    nasal dilator

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  • radial sealing

    radial sealing

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  • sealing mat

    sealing mat

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  • check valve

    check valve

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  • massage ball

    massage ball

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  • sealing frame

    sealing frame

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  • special O-rings

    special O-rings

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  • anti-kink sleeve

    anti-kink sleeve

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